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Our Mission is Simple

“Spread The Gospel using the spoken words of Jesus.” Jesus directly commanded His disciples in Matthew Chapter 28 in verse 19, “to go and make disciples of all the nations.

Through the personal words of millions of Jesus’ disciples alive today, we believe the minds of an infinite number of persons have “been prepared to believe, trust and obey Jesus.”

As God’s Son, Jesus sacrificed HIS earthly life so that those who believe in Him can enjoy peace on earth and then enter God’s presence—everlasting life in heaven.

3 Minutes with Jesus

Our video, “3 Minutes with Jesus,” is meant to encourage “prepared persons” to pray the sinner’s prayer, make the life-changing decision, and ask Jesus to become their Savior.

Financial gifts have enabled Come2ME Ministries to produce “3 Minutes with Jesus.”

Future Ministry plans include creating and producing this video in many languages. We are now creating and producing shorter length videos featuring more of Jesus’ life-changing messages.

Come 2 ME gospel messages are ministry gifts to you. Please share our “Words of Jesus” video messages freely with anyone you pray with and pray for.

By watching for three minutes, those you love can understand why you love The Savior! Please donate any amount the Lord may lead you to contribute to our mission.

Come 2 ME Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) public charity, qualified to receive tax deductible gifts.