“….Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest."

— Matthew 11:28


God exists and is the creator of all good things. He is mighty, righteous, just and holy. God is love.

Through love He created humans to become his children. His power provides human reasoning, logic, and morals. God enables all things; including love, and expressions through art, music and scientific discovery.

The Bible teaches God‘s attributes. Here are just a few:

  • infinite (boundless)
  • immense (unmeasurable)
  • immanent (everywhere)
  • good
  • love
  • kind
  • just
  • life-giving
  • merciful (compassionate)
  • full of grace
  • omnipresent (alway near)
  • omnipotent (all-powerful
  • omniscient (all-knowing)
  • holy/set apart perfect (complete)


God sent Jesus, His only son to earth to show His love and to bear the sins of man and to take the punishment for sins that we rightly deserved. Jesus, fully man and fully God came to call us to renounce our sins and be our best on earth.

Jesus offers us the perfection and beauty that is heaven. He calls us away from the earth’s evils. His death and resurrection promises heaven to all who believe. Jesus rescues us from hell’s ugliness, hatred, injustice and depravity.

Jesus died a sinner’s death on the cross, as if He were the worst sinner of all. He took ours and everyone’s sin with him to the grave. His resurrection ended death for all of mankind. Because He lives all mankind can be born-again, and reunited with God in heaven


Jesus died. On the third day He came back to life, resurrected. Dead persons can’t come back to life unless something supernatural happens. God intervened by raising Jesus from the grave.

As proof He is alive, Jesus appeared to His disciples, shared a meal with them and was seen preaching to thousands of people after being dead and buried. Both Roman and Jewish documents refer to these events.


Heaven is a real place. The Bible calls it the New Earth. When we are reborn, we have a second birth and go to heaven. There all our illnesses, sadness, suffering and death are replaced with joy. We become perfected there, whole, the way God intended us to be.

Scripture promises all that we love on this earth will exist in the New Earth. God promises what is wonderful in the Old Earth will be in the New Earth. An infinite number of indescribable new wonders await us. The skies, gardens, fields, music, art, and natural wonders we love here will be even more spectacular in heaven.

We will see persons we know, and historic persons we have longed to meet. We will see the New Jerusalem, a bustling city, where friends, family and strangers are joyful. You will be there but evil, death and suffering will not. This new life is a gift from God that cannot be earned or purchased. We must only accept Jesus' invitation to believe and trust in Him.


If you believe in your heart that God is calling, pray “The Sinners Prayer” to become a Christian.

“Heavenly Father, I confess my thoughts, words and deeds that oppose your will for me. Please save me from the punishment I deserve. I know Jesus, your son, died for my sins and I receive Him as my Lord and Savior. Thank you for loving me and for accepting me into your family. With your power I want to walk with the resurrected Jesus and be guided by The Holy Spirit and be a blessing to others forever. Amen.


The Bible is “God’s Word” given by God to the writers, prophets, and apostles who have passed God’s story on to be retold. The Bible begins with God’s creation, followed by the history of man’s sinfulness, Jesus’ birth, ministry, death and resurrection. The Bible is true. Historic proof is found in Greek and Roman documents and First Century archeology. Thousands of first century manuscripts from the New Testament have been found. Far more proof exists for both the Old Testament and New Testament than for any other ancient literary work.

Many authors were eyewitnesses to events recorded before the birth of Jesus. After his birth, death and resurrection many persons spoke and wrote about Jesus from their personal experiences. In the last book of the Bible, Revelation, Jesus’ apostle John was given a glimpse of the New Earth, the place God has created for us, his children, after our deaths.


Jesus taught that every person is a sinner and needs a savior. ”Not one person is good (without sin). All fall short of the glory of God.”

Humans want to be God-like. We want to be worshipped for our achievements and be all-powerful, and all-knowing. These thoughts are sinful. All words, thoughts or deeds we think are more important than God is sin. Anything we worship , prestige, money, relationships, or position is idol-worship sinful behavior. When we ask forgiveness, only Jesus can save us. He saves mankind from sin.


In scripture, Church is not merely a building or place of worship. Church is a body of like-minded people who believed in Jesus and were seeking God’s Truth. God calls believers and seekers to worship together, to become a “church.” There are many religions and denominations that meet in churches.

Christian churches teach Biblical Christianity. These churches believe that the Bible, in its entirety, is trustworthy and provides a verbal picture of God and His love for us. These churches teach that all Truth is God’s Truth. They teach that God’s only Son, Jesus, wants a personal relationship with us and desires to show us the way to the Truth and Life. Christian churches will also ask their fellow believers to serve others with the love they have received from God, Jesus and the Holy spirit.

Before joining a church ask for their “Statement of Faith.” This document includes the foundational truths and principles they teach.

Jesus said,
“I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except by me.”